eddioGFX - Website design Wolverhampton, West Midlands

A short introduction

Freelancer with IT skills, here to make your business grow. That's the plan.

My journey started in 2005 when my parents gave me my first computer. Back then, I played lots of games and, with my friends, we made gaming communities. We created websites, designed graphics, and managed game servers. A few years later, I graduated from University with a Diploma in New Media Arts, taking my hobby to a new level of knowledge. After moving to England with my wife, I thought, why not turn my hobby into a business? That’s how eddioGFX was born in 2021.


Over time, I’ve supported friends in their businesses with graphics, videos, and websites. Now, word of mouth has spread, and I assist various businesses across the UK. Attention to detail matters a lot to me, and I won’t be content unless we’re both satisfied with the job.

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