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Is the Logo creation a mystery for you? In this article, I’m going to show you in a few steps how a simple logo is created. This is going to be a behind the scenes type of blog where I show how to create a logo.

Step one – How to start with the logo creation

There are many different ways of how a logo is created, today I’m going to take you through the one of the possible scenarios where I got contacted by a person, also known as the Customer, who enquired about a logo. Usually I do ask a few questions to find out more about his desires on the logo, but this time, the Customer already knew what he wants and even showed me a sketch.

Step two – Logo sketching

Very good, I thought to myself! The Customer knew exactly how he wants his logo to look like, but I wasn’t done yet with the questions there. For best outcome, I wanted to find out how the logo will be used. If it’s for printing purposes or for online only. The reason for this question is, to understand which technique I need to work on the logo to come out with the format that best suits the application. Speaking of the formats, you can read about them in my other blog here. And as expected, the Customer wants to print it, so that means, the technique will be the vector graphic.

At this point I had gathered enough information, and shortly I came up with the sketch. I decided to take an extra mile and did an extra graphic to compliment the look and highlight more the industry.


Step three – Create Logo

When I brought the sketch to the Customer, he did appreciate this design and gave me the green light to carry on with this idea. And so it was the time to get my hands laid on the tools and transform the sketch idea into a vector graphic logo.

Step four – Create logo finishing

Since I knew the logo will get printed, I didn’t have to worry about the colour variations. It will depend on the printing company to choose the right materials and that is why I left it plain black on white style. To present the logo from its best angles, I did come up with some examples on how the logo would look like when coloured. If you would like to see that, you can find it in my portfolio of works or simply following the link here.



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