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Cyborg Girl

About the Project

Cyborg Girl in the middle of a doomsday
Exploring the concept of a Cyborg, a fictional or theoretical entity whose physical capacities surpass typical human limits through integrated mechanical components within the body. Delving into the theme of Doomsday, the ultimate culmination of the world’s existence. This photo manipulation, created as a personal exercise, holds particular significance for me. During my University entry, I presented a Cyborg girl as my initial work. Regrettably, I lack a copy to share, but I believe the current outcome exhibits greater success and detail.

As depicted in the image below, I crafted this manipulation using various graphic elements such as fog, computer board, dry desert sand, and crack render. Blending these components together, I meticulously manipulated and fine-tuned the composition with the prowess of Photoshop. In my opinion, the resulting outcome is rather satisfactory.

Why did I pick a Cyborg girl in a doomsday setting? Well, back in 2009, I created a Cyborg Girl photo manipulation for my University entry. It’s kinda like a thing for graphic artists to have a cyborg girl in their works, and this is my second one. I love science fiction and twisty films, so blending Cyborgs into a doomsday scene is just me expressing my passion for this cool theme.

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