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About the Project

Ecommerce website for Permanent – Microblading S&D, who offers PMU Services in Wolverhampton. PMU stands for “Permanent Makeup.” PMU services involve cosmetic procedures that use tattooing techniques to create makeup-like effects. This can include procedures like microblading for eyebrows, permanent eyeliner, and lip blush. The goal is to enhance or mimic the look of traditional makeup in a semi-permanent or permanent way.

A new website was created to replace the old one made by the client in 2020 during COVID. The old site worked okay, but it didn’t show up well on Google.

It has all the important stuff and a few extra features. Customer now have a brand-new online store connected to Google for better performance tracking. You can pay online through bank transfer. Plus, the website works great on phones and tablets.

I also added social media integration, making it easy for the client to share their work with visitors on the website.

Because this is an ecommerce website, it’s important to keep updating the content regularly for a higher Google ranking. Like any website, it will need occasional maintenance to stay healthy and perform well.

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He did my website, still in process but I am very happy as he helps a lot and look after my web.
Helps to manage and explains very well all what I can’t understand.
I would recommend 💯
Very professional!!!
Happy with my choice.
You can have a look what he created, just 🤩 woww ..


PMU Services Sandra D

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